Are you working as an Educator feeling the heat of rising cost charged by your company?

Do you want to work with a company who works professionally and understand your needs and helps you to work up to date with changing govt. rules, regulation and policies?

Family Day Care is also a great career opportunity. Due to the continuing demand for family day care places we continue to recruit early childhood educators.


If any of the answer is YES then please contact us.



  • Carer levy only 95 cents.
  • Fixed payment day forth nightly.
  • Only $80 annual registration fee (which includes free unlimited supply of time sheet books, port-folio books and program planning books).
  • Full support to educators with port-folio book, programming planning and observation books for children.
  • In-house training facilities available for first aid, cpr, asthma, anaphylaxis and professional development courses.
  • Provision to enrol in Certificate III and diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.


Are you interested in working as an early childhood educator (Family Day Carer)?

Family Day Care is a great career opportunity. Due to the continuous demand for family day care places from parents we continue to recruit early childhood educators. Educators can Educate and Care for up to 4 under school age children (including your own) at one time and up to 7 children in total.

Some advantages of operating a family day care are:

  • Be your own Boss i.e. operate your own business, choose your own work hours /set your own fees.
  • Ability to be at home for your own children.
  • Support and mentoring from a qualified and experienced coordination unit for running your family day care.


Each of our Educators can set their own fees ($6 to $10) and therefore how much you can earn depends on the hours you are prepared to work, you have options to provide weekend care, overnight care or evening care for those families who require care outside of normal child care hours.

If you are interested to join Mum’s Choice Family Day Care Services please contact the friendly staff so that we arrange a free information session for you.